How Can Therapy Help?

Most people find that psychotherapy is helpful for making positive changes and reducing distress. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts in order to develop greater awareness of your self, the choices you are making, the patterns holdings you back, and the strengths you are not fully accessing.

Research shows that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is an important component of successful therapy, along with the training and experience of the therapist.

Talking to someone you do not know can be difficult. This is especially true when you have experienced early or repeated psychological trauma, with its resulting disruption in an ability to feel safe or know how or whom to trust. Clients have the right to interview therapists in order to find this good fit.  What Is Good Trauma Therapy? What Is a Good Trauma Therapist?

In addition, clients who have felt stigmatized as a result of factors such as sexual orientation or gender identity may fear having to spend valuable time educating a therapist about your orientation or identity, or talking about your sexuality/gender because your therapist considers it to be a “problem.” You have a right to a therapist that is affirming and educated about the LGBT communities.

If you are struggling, help is available. Contact me to determine if I can be of help in this process.

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