Femme Identity

Want to know more about Femme as an identity?

Want to connect with other Femmes like (and unlike) yourself?

Want to support and celebrate the Femmes you love?

Then this is a must read!


Femme–an identity that has caused controversy,  celebration and ridicule–is now the topic of a two-volume set from Homofactus Press and editor Jennifer Clare Burke titled Visible: A Femmethology

Femmethology calls the LGBTQI community on its own prejudice and celebrates the diversity of individual femmes.  Award-winning authors, spoken-word artists, and totally new voices come together to challenge conventional ideas of how disability,  class,  nationality,  race, aesthetics,  sexual orientation,  gender identity and body type intersect with each contributor’s concrete notion of femmedom.

For more info, visit femmethology.com.

Some have had strong reactions to and questions about the cover image .  How does this reflect Femme?  How was this image chosen?  You can  read more about the cover image choice here.

Check out the Femmethology Virtual Tour

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