Twitter Part Two: Top Ten Psychology Tweeps

Not long ago I posted about considering how Twitter could be of use in my practice.  A constant stream of 140 character (or less) communications? How could that even work?

It has and it does! I enjoy the unparalleled opportunity to speak to and learn from people all over the world. Daily I am moved by the courage of trauma survivors and the dedication of activists and healers of all sorts. It has allowed me to introduce my Blog and trauma treatment practice to over 500 followers thus far!

Today I was given the opportunity to realize that what I share impacts others as well.  I learned that Psych Central included me among their Top Ten Psych Tweeps (I’m number three!):

@drkathleenyoung “Licensed Clinical Psychologist Treating Trauma in Chicago.” Her practice (and Twitter & blog focus) is on PTSD, domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma in general which you might think would make for a bleak feed but she’s very upbeat, encouraging, active and interactive. Shares useful info and talks to lots of tweeps whether professional or civilian.

What an honor to be acknowledged in this way. It really moved me and brightened my Monday.  All the more so when I found among the ten others “Tweeps” I already follow and greatly respect.  I definitely encourage you to check them out, if you Twitter.  And certainly feel free to follow me on Twitter as well!

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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