Treating Male Victims of Domestic Violence (DV) in Same-sex Couples

In a previous professional incarnation I had the honor of working at a queer health center (Howard Brown Health Center) as the Coordinator of Trauma Services.  Among other things, we provided training and outreach to help educate about the existence of domestic violence (DV) within the LGBT community. Even those within the mainstream DV field are not always aware of the existence of same-sex intimate partner violence, let alone the specific LGBT related issues involved. That this can provide a barrier to seeking services is an understatement.

In this capacity we presented to the Illinois Psychological Association. I was pleased that my team received this sort of recognition for their hard work and glad for the opportunity to continue to educate.

I was happy to find a link to the presentation online! So for your viewing pleasure I’d like to share with you: Treating Male Victims of Domestic Violence (DV) in Same-sex Couples

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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