Chicago Dyke March Collective Looking for Local Artists

The Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) is looking for local artists to design the 2010 Chicago Dyke March T-Shirt Design and Flyer. This year the March is being held in the South Shore/Jackson Park Community located on the south east side of Chicago. Artist from or influenced by this part of Chicago are especially encouraged to submit.

The March is held in different Chicago neighborhoods in an effort to raise awareness and reach diverse aspects of the community. The CDMC stated last year:

The decision to stay in one neighborhood for two years is in part a recognition of the importance of engaging deeply with every community that hosts Dyke March.  The intention is to do significant solidarity and education work,  so that the march takes place with the full participation of neighborhood residents and organizations,  as well as queer people from all across the city who identify with the mission.  With limited resources and funding to do this work,  organizers believe that community outreach and education efforts will have a more significant impact by spending two years in one location.

You can submit designs, concepts or ideas to: by March 21, 2010.

“We move to create visibility,
to honor our histories and identities,
to disrupt oppression and dominance,
to challenge silence and fear,
because we are everywhere,
because we must survive”

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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