Angela Shelton: Trauma Activist

Do you know Angela Shelton? I first heard about her via the Twitter buzz about her documentary, Searching for Angela Shelton, an amazing project that raises awareness about the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence against women.

Filmmaker Angela Shelton drove around the country and met other Angela Sheltons. She found that 70% of the 40 Angelas she spoke to had been victims of rape, childhood sexual abuse or domestic violence, herself included.

She has since continued her committment to raising awareness about abuse and especially the possibility of healing by creating The Survivor Manual. Run by the Angela Shelton Foundation, this site has the following mission:

to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives and provide the answers needed to do so

I felt incredibly honored when I was asked to participate in The Manual. I do so because I share a committment to the mission of providing resources and encouragement to trauma survivors everywhere who are in search of healing.

Angela Shelton serves as an inspiration and also a reminder that one person can really make a difference.

You can buy Searching for Angela Shelton here or watch it free here.

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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One Response to Angela Shelton: Trauma Activist

  1. Lily says:

    I have heard her name in passing, and there is nothing but good things to say about the work she is doing to help survivors.

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