Be the Solution: What Are You Pro?

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs is running a campaign called Be The Solution. It is an interactive, social media based campaign generating ideas about taking action against sexual violence, in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month(SAAM).

In their own words:

Be the Solution echoes the action orientated message, focus on social change, and targets youth.

What is new about this year’s Be the Solution campaign is the simplified messaging that really targets the heart of our call to action, while adding an exciting level of interactivity that each program can bring to their community. The intention is to solidify a positive and action oriented focus in our struggle to end sexual violence. We want the people in our communities to know we need their help, because ending sexual violence takes all of us. By facilitating activities and dialogues that inspire individuals to rethink their role in ending sexual violence we can increase the number of allies we have in this movement.

It is working! Their interactive “What Are You Pro” flag slide show really caught my eye when I started researching SAAM. It is touching to see youth participating! These are conversations we need to be having with young folks!

Check out Be the Solution’s photostream here.

I was moved by the many that mention things like respect and consent (and the one young person proclaiming “pro gay marriage” got me a bit choked up), but I also got a kick out of some of the more whimsical statements. And those are what inspired my own version:

You can create your own flag and send it in to the photostream and/or Tweet Your Solution.

What are you pro? What will you do to work against sexual violence?

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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5 Responses to Be the Solution: What Are You Pro?

  1. Soon MK SafetyNet site will be putting up a page for our site on face book. Since MKSN deals with issues of child abuse in missions, offering a safe place for survivors, might I suggest this site as a link?

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  3. Trisha Smith says:

    Thank you so much for helping spread the word about the campaign. It is has been really inspiring to see and share the awesome solutions people from across that nation are contributing.

    And your pug is adorable!

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