The Top 5 Things You Can Do Now to Promote Positive Body Image

In keeping with Fat Talk Free Week, I want to share the following with information you. Here is one simple, concrete approach to beginning to accept your body as it is. Any step in this direction is a good one! What are you willing to do? What seems manageable to take on during this week dedicated to ending Fat Talk?

The Reflections Body Image Program has created this list of “Helpful Hints & Tips”:

The Top 5 Things You Can Do Now to Promote Positive Body Image

  1. Choose one friend or family member and discuss one thing you like about yourselves.
  2. Keep a journal of all the good things your body allows you to do (e.g., sleep well and wake up rested, play tennis, etc.).
  3. Pick one friend to make a pact with to avoid negative body talk. When you catch your friend talking negatively about their body, remind them of the pact.
  4. Make a pledge to end complaints about your body, such as “I’m so flat-chested” or “I hate my legs.” When you catch yourself doing this, make a correction by saying something positive about that body part, such as, “I’m so glad my legs got me through soccer practice today”.
  5. The next time someone gives you a compliment, rather than objecting (“No, I’m so fat”), practice taking a deep breath and saying “thank you.”

Source: Reflections Body Image Program by Delta Delta Delta

Can you add to this list? What has worked for you? What are you willing to try?
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