Treating Trauma and NaBloPoMo

Do you know about National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo? One of my Twitter pals, Amy @ Una Vita Bella inspired me to jump on the band wagon. Now that I no longer have the distractions of warm weather and my garden to get in my way I have been planning to make more regular blogging a priority once again. Here is my chance.

I feel like I have several trains of thought/blog post series still pending: mindfulness, dissociation and more specific information about trauma treatment immediately come to mind.

So get ready for more frequent Treating Trauma blog posts. Is there a subject you’d really like to see covered? Now is the time to let me know!

Are you participating yourself? Let me know that too and we can egg each other on!

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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6 Responses to Treating Trauma and NaBloPoMo

  1. How about election anxiety for progressives?

  2. Katie Goode says:


    I’d love to hear how you use Mindfulness in trauma or how about art therapy for trauma?

    Thanks for sharing about NaBloPoMo I’m going to do it on my blog at

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  4. bandaloopdeloop says:

    Dear Katie,

    My blog generated a link to yours automatically, and I really like your premise! Have you ever looked into drama therapy as a way of treating trauma? One of my professors here at Hampshire College, Robert Meagher, teaches a course that posits that Athenian tragedies were not just plays but opportunities for the Athenian veterans who wrote, acted in, and saw the plays to heal themselves.

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