National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

It is here! Today is the start of Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

I will be participating with some local colleagues by hosting an information booth at the Sulzer Library on Wednesday February 23, 9 am- 4 pm. We will have information, referral resources and a free eating attitudes screening questionnaire. Come on by and say hello!

Would you like to participate? The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) website is full of good ideas.

Everyone Can Do…Just One Thing

If we all do just one thing, together we’ll have a huge impact!

Join the National Eating Disorders Association in raising awareness about eating disorders! You can create change by pledging to do just one of the following:

1) Host or sign up to be a NEDAwareness Week Volunteer Speaker/Presenter: NEDA prewritten presentations provided.

2) Help spread the word…get the Workplace Kit:  Put up the posters and create a take-one table for How to Help a Friend pamphlets, Helpline cards and NEDA pens.

3) Join the Media Watchdogs: The more people that write a letter of protest or praise, the louder the Media Watchdog voice! A great youth activism activity.

4) Donate Healthy Body Image: Teaching Kids to Eat and Love Their Bodies Too! to a local middle school: Get this fun, engaging tool into the hands of your local educators.

5) Maximize the power of your social networking sites: Post facts about eating disorders, tweet the Helpline number, and encourage your Facebook friends to learn more at

6) Leave a pamphlet: Put a stack in your doctor’s or dentist’s office, in the library or in a community center. Choose one or get all three: How to Help a Friend, Do I…Am I…, What is an Eating Disorder?

7) Make it a movie night: Choose a film from the provided Film List and watch it with friends and family. You can use the discussion guide to talk about the issues raised in the film.

8 ) Disseminate free NEDA Toolkits: Download and give out the Coach & Athletic Trainer Toolkit, Parent Toolkit or Educator Toolkit to coaches, gyms, school personnel, and parents.

9) Recognize NEDAwareness Week at your school: Download the free Educator Packet for resources, activities, films, discussion guides and handouts to educate faculty and students.

10) Choose an activity or event from the Resource and Planning Guide CD-ROM: Organize an activity, event, art project or fundraiser for NEDA to raise awareness in your community. It’s time to talk about it.  NEDA invites you to ask your friends, local businesses, organizations, schools, gyms, medical professionals – anyone you can think of – to help raise awareness by doing just one thing. Register today at

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5 Responses to National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

  1. PTC says:

    Just saw your tweet about the ED stats. Absolutely insane!

  2. Shimon Cohen says:

    Dr. Young, I wonder if you would be interested in writing an article about self-injury, since Mar.1 is National Self-Injury Awareness Day. This is one of those problems that are often swept under the rug.
    Thank you

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