To This Day Project

Many people still grapple with the concept of emotional abuse. Words do hurt. Bullying in the form of name calling has a tremendous impact on children and needs to be addressed in the schools.

This video gets to the heart of the matter:

What do you think?

Where you called names in school? How did it impact you? Does it impact you still?

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One Response to To This Day Project

  1. Nikii says:

    I was bullied in school. The name calling I think left me with a hypersensitivity to commentary by others, and a tendency to “take it personal”, and to second guess others “real” motivations for saying something. I’m 47 now, (have ptsd of which bullying is a part) and bullying impacted both my work and social life, but especially my work life. I found it extremely difficult to trust co-workers. During meetings I had a very hard time if I was the butt of an innocent joke that caused group laughter…it took me back. I just wish the help and understanding of the issue would have been there years ago instead of the dreaded: ‘just ignore them”…or later, “it’s the past suck it up”. However I have the gift of an awesome therapist now and have been steadily making progress. One great thing that came out of being bullied is a sense of compassion and kindness, which I’ve been able to nurture as my healing progresses.

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