Mindful Monday

I thought I’d try something a little different here, as part of my ongoing desire to blog more frequently. I considered titling this series “Wordless Wednesdays” because I especially want to share evocative images with you. I find at times in trauma therapy that words fail us, or we need to step outside of the traditional form of communicating about and processing therapy. However, knowing me, I just don’t think I could do away with words altogether! So I chose another day to make my alliterative title plan work and named this series “Mindful”.

As Treating Trauma has developed over the years, I’ve come to appreciate what an important roleĀ mindfulness can play in trauma therapy and in all our lives. Finding a way, even for a moment, to be present with what is, in this moment, can have transformative, healing power.

So my plan is to share some things with you each Monday: a photo, an image, a quote, a poem. I may say a bit about them, too. Mindful MondayMany people turn to nature to practice mindfulness. Tucson is full of many unique forms of nature which often include vivid sunsets and sunrises. Watching a sunset like this reminds me of the possibility of the spectacular in any moment, and of its fleeting nature. Mindfulness encourages an awareness that everything passes: we can be with what is and gently make room for the next thing to come.

I hope you enjoy this new series and as always I welcome your thoughts!

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8 Responses to Mindful Monday

  1. I think I messed up mindfulness Monday and chose to numb instead. But what sticks out for me were the words you used to describe the beautiful sunset…”fleeting nature” of it’s any moment. YES, not only did I miss my sunset but I failed to remember the fleeting nature of whatever discomfort I was feeling.
    Wonderful picture and lesson plan.

  2. melluann says:

    I love this. Meditation work / learning to stay present was a huge step in my trauma healing process. Thank you for providing this for others.

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