Throwback Thursday: Treating Anorexia

I’m introducing another new series at Treating Trauma: Throwback Thursday. However, I’m going to deviate a bit from the common Throwback Thursday (or #TBT) usage to share older posts of mine.

It is amazing what can accumulate in five years of blogging! Older content is hard to access on this site and I truly believe that part of trauma therapy is revisiting key concepts over and over. Stay tuned  for repeats from the Treating Trauma archives on Thursdays and if you have any special requests for topics let me know and I’ll see what I’ve got.

How appropriate to kick this series off by revisiting one of my first posts, a  throwback of its own. Here is an internet chat-based interview of mine on treating anorexia. As an added bonus, it actually does included a dated picture of me in classic #TBT fashion.

Treating Anorexia: The Recovery Process

The internet is an amazing archive! I stumbled upon this online conference transcript from 5 or so years ago. Though the picture of me and my website information is quite dated, the information remains very relevant.

Read more here



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