Mindful Monday: Mindfulness Is

Mindfulness Is On this Mindful Monday I chose to share this definition of mindfulness. Simple and profound! Want to know more about mindfulness, what it is and how to practice? You can find many prior posts in my archives!

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4 Responses to Mindful Monday: Mindfulness Is

  1. complicitgrace says:

    It is this concept of impermanence that holds me gently in times of good and bad…..the most valuable lesson I have learned…thank you for the gentle reminder

  2. I think that being confident in the temporary-ness of our negative feelings, whatever they are, is one of the biggest struggles we face when we are simply trying to keep our head above water in a vast sea of emotions. It’s why losing someone like Robin Williams to depression is so distressing. It reminds us that there may be a time when we can’t find a way back out of our own heads. That there may be a time when we simply chose to stop swimming because we can’t “be with the unpleasant” and trust that it won’t always be that way.

    • You are so right, knowing that emotional pain is temporary is terribly hard to grasp in the midst of it. That may be when we need someone else to remind us. I truly hope that anyone shaken by Robin Williams passing will reach out to get and give support. Thank you for your words!

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