Mindful Monday: Make Tea

When I saw this I knew I had to share it. Pugs! Tea! Both things I love. It also like what it illustrates about healing. There are many small things we can do, for ourselves and others, that do not “fix” the big picture problem but make a difference in the moment. These things are mindfulness. They build our capacity to be with what is. Cumulatively, this can lead to big change.

I know that when therapists suggest small acts of self-care it can be frustrating or worse. How can something like tea (or deep breathing or fill in your therapist’s most annoying suggestion) address the magnitude of trauma you have experienced? Of course it can’t! No one thing can. But every time you are able to do one small thing, to choose nurturing over neglect, it can shift things in powerful ways. You can build the capacity for compassionately  being with your feelings and yourself, one cup of tea at a time.

make tea

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One Response to Mindful Monday: Make Tea

  1. Cute! And you make an excellent point.

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