Throwback Thursday:Trauma Stigma

Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma in Tucson

I had a reminder recently of the stigma facing those dealing with trauma related to childhood abuse.  I have encountered this before of course, perhaps vicariously, during my 20 plus years in the trauma treatment trenches.  As a psychologist specializing in treating trauma I am well aware that many people do not want to be reminded of the less than pleasant aspects of life.  Even mentioning what I do for a living can get me interesting responses, or sometimes just shut down the conversation altogether.

Someone unfollowed me on Twitter, and wrote to inform me,  because I was not a “positive psychologist”. This took me aback  and I tried to understand what led to that impression.  I looked through my most recent Twitter postings to try to see what they saw.  I had been posting, as I always do, about the impact of trauma and had recently written an article…

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