Freedom and Trauma Survivors

Sharing an older post, reflecting on freedom and trauma.

Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma in Tucson

On the Fourth of July we celebrate Independence Day in the United States. Last year I sponsored a Blog Carnival on this theme and shared that when I hear “independence” my mind counters with “interdependence“.

This year Hanne Blank’s independence day has me thinking about freedom and how it applies to trauma survivors. How meaningful is this holiday to you, if you feel stuck or trapped rather than free? So many trauma survivors do feel this way: stuck in unhealthy relationships or patterns, trapped in the pain of the past, limited by your own inner critical voice and self-hate.

How would it be to make this day a celebration of your own path towards freedom? What have you already overcome? Where are you headed? Take some time today to honor your progress towards healing, towards freedom from the cycle of abuse and violence.

There is tremendous freedom to…

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