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Mindful Monday: Today

Happy Monday! Why not  practice mindfulness along with a master, Winnie the Pooh?

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Mindful Monday: Control

On this Mindful Monday, I invite you to consider our illusion of control as you practice mindfulness. How can we be at peace even when/if this is so? Mindfulness helps us  to accept all that life throws at us.

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Mindful Monday: It’s Okay to Feel

On Mondays I am sharing a series of pictures, quotes, and affirmations with you. Mindfulness can help us accept and increase our capacity to be with all our feelings, without judgment. You can contemplate this post as a mindfulness practice by … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday: Being Still

Happy Monday! How can you bring mindfulness to the start of your week?  I invite you to practice mindfulness as you consider the following:

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Mindful Monday: Work in Progress

Welcome back to Mindful Mondays! As Treating Trauma has developed over the years, I’ve come to appreciate what an important role mindfulness can play in trauma therapy and in all our lives. Finding a way, even for a moment, to be present … Continue reading

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