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Throwback Thursday: Is Suffering Optional?

Welcome back to Treating Trauma and revisiting older posts on Thursdays! Today I am sharing some thoughts about trauma and suffering. Is Suffering Optional? Originally posted on June 30, 2009 My title is prompted by the oft repeated phrase:  Pain … Continue reading

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#TBT: Making Meaning

Today is the anniversary of a tragic Tucson event. A fitting time to revisit this post. Making Meaning from the Collective Trauma of Public Violence Originally posted on January 11, 2011 I was in the midst of writing a 2011 goals … Continue reading

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#TBT: Making Meaning from the Collective Trauma of Public Violence

September 11 seems like a fitting day to reflect. Thought the incident that sparked this post occurred years ago, the feelings and concerns remain the same. New event occur that raise the same questions: how do we cope with violence, … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday: Adaptation

Life in the desert never ceases to amaze me, the way life here has adapted to such harsh circumstances. Animals navigate rough and prickly terrain effortlessly. This bobcat doesn’t seem to mind sitting in the crook of a giant cactus! … Continue reading

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#TBT: What is Trauma?

Happy Thursday! Today I want to revisit a foundational post and a good starting place for further exploration of Treating Trauma. What is Trauma? originally posted on April 8, 2009 What do  therapists mean when we talk about trauma? One … Continue reading

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