Healing Together: An Educational and Support Conference on D.I.D.

I want to pass on a resource for those with dissociative disorders that was shared with me recently. Healing Together: An Educational and Support Conference on D.I.D. is being organized by An Infinite Mind.
An Infinite Mind is an organization “dedicated to educating the public and professional community about trauma based dissociation with a primary focus on Dissociative Identity Disorder in an effort to dispel the myths and stigmas attached to it.” As part of their education and advocacy mission they are organizing a conference for those with dissociative disorders, their allies and mental health professionals.

Here is their announcement and call for submissions:

An Infinite Mind is proud to announce our first annual Healing Together Conference; an educational and support conference on DID.

Healing Together will be held in beautiful Lake Buena Vista, FL on February 5-6, 2011. Escape the winter blues and come to sunny Florida for an amazing weekend of learning, healing, and fun.

Request for proposals and sponsorship forms are now available. Registration opens Sept 15, 2010.

Who should attend?
*Survivors with all types of dissociative disorders, especially those with DID.
*Supporters and loved ones of people with dissociative disorders and DID.
*Mental Health Professionals who currently treat dissociative clients or would like to learn more about treating dissociation and DID.

For more information and forms, please visit the Healing Together site.

Kathleen Young, Psy.D.

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3 Responses to Healing Together: An Educational and Support Conference on D.I.D.

  1. Inner Family says:

    How awesome! I wish I could go. The biggest issue is “coming out” as having DID. I’ve worked hard to build a business and a public image and I’m afraid that would all be destroyed if the DID became known. The saddest thing is that this makes it sound like the stigma against DID has won again.

  2. IAmEchad says:

    Will you be there? I will be able to SNEAK away and go. My therapist told me about it awhile ago.

    Yes, it’s one of my biggest secrets too. If I run into anyone I know, I’ll probably pretend I’m there for professional reasons.


  3. Candycan says:

    I wish there were events like this in my country. DID is pretty much unheard of around here. I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog though. Very interesting.

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