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Mindful Monday: Be Yourself

Happy Monday. Here is a thought for you to contemplate. What does it mean to be yourself? Can you recognize and celebrate something unique about you? Even if others deem it different or “weird“?

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#TBT: Childhood Wounds

Successful relationships of any kind are not about being 100% empathically attuned and connected, but about how we do the repair work when there are inevitable ruptures. Continue reading

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Mindful Monday: Plant Seeds

Mindful Monday is here! Check this out and use the 5-step mindfulness practice if you so choose. Where are you starting your healing journey? Or this next phase of growth? What do you have that you can use? (if your … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday: Self-Love

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#TBT: The Therapy Relationship

Here are some thoughts from the archives on choosing  a therapist who will be a good fit for you. The Therapy Relationship: What Makes a Good Fit? originally posted on April 30, 2009 Research shows that the quality of the therapeutic … Continue reading

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